A collage of Puerto Rican scenes: A sandy beach with waves, a band of musicians on the street, a bowl of chickpeas – garbanzos criollos, and a man sucking oysters at a market.

Discover the rich culture and natural wonders of Puerto Rico.

A woman snorkeling in turquoise waters in Puerto Rico

The Season of Fun: Things to Do in Puerto Rico During Winter

Grab your sunglasses and make room for can’t-miss experiences filled with vibrant culture, stunning natural wonders, fun festivals and delicious local cuisine.

A set of brightly colored folk art figurines

Reasons to Celebrate: Holiday Festivals in Puerto Rico

Plan your visit to coincide with one or more of these festivities beginning with Thanksgiving and ending in mid-January.

Three empanadas presented on a plate with a ramekin of dipping sauce

A Taste of Puerto Rico: A Guide to Traditional Puerto Rican Dishes

The holiday season is the ideal time of year for visitors to sample a huge range of traditional Puerto Rican dishes. Here's a guide to some of the dishes you shouldn't miss out on.

Folk art figurines of the Three Kings holding a Puerto Rican flag.

Holiday Traditions in Puerto Rico

The Christmas season is a fun and festive time of year here, so get ready to make Puerto Rico’s holiday traditions your own.

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